About Drilling for Hope

Lack of clean, accessible water has been a leading cause of death in several countries, and perpetuates an overwhelming poverty problem. Villagers are dying from dysentery, giardia, cholera and other water borne diseases because they are forced to collect water from dirty watering holes shared with animals. Local clinics are unable to provide a safe environment for routine medical procedures because they do not have the clean water necessary.

Drilling for Hope has drilled 100 clean water wells and water systems around the globe with the support of our generous donors.


Drilling for Hope

Drilling for Hope is the brainchild and philanthropic outreach of Karen Flewelling, a field hockey coach/retired teacher who has traveled the world helping those in need for the past decade. International photographer Emma Dodge Hanson has been accompanying Karen on her trips to document the impact and power of her life-saving efforts.

Karen’s Work




Each Spring, Karen returns to villages that need access to clean water the most. It is because of the generosity of our donors that Karen is able to deliver life-saving water wells that have a far-reaching impact.

In addition to drilling water wells, donations made to Drilling for Hope go to helping build a sustainable community through donations of livestock, greenhouses, school supplies and “the shoe that grows”, fistula operations and subsequent rehabilitation services for women.

solar powered & bore hole water wells


livestock & GREENHOUSES


fistula operations and rehabilitation


sustainability building



Throughout the year, generous donors and small businesses host fundraising events that support Karen and her mission in making Drilling for Hope a global effort. Please visit our Facebook page and Fundraising page for a current listing of events and engagements to support Karen and her work.

Since 2005 and a donation of 25 goats to a small village in Kenya, Karen has grown into a veritable enterprise, with 100 wells and water systems drilled around the world. She pays her own travel expenses, as well as food and lodging. Every donation goes 100% to the people and well-drilling endeavors.



Through the generosity of our donors, Drilling for Hope is able to:

  • bring clean water to remote African villages where it is needed the most

  • sponsor children who would otherwise not receive an education

  • provide livestock and green houses for sustainability and

  • provide school supplies, sports equipment and “the shoe that grows”

  • provide medical supplies and funding/equipment for medical care

  • fund fistula operations and post-surgery rehabilitation services for re-acclimation into the community

  • provides the gift of sustainability and self-reliance